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The object of this site is to answer your problems with Computing by providing tips on various common issues.




Find the answers to many common Computing problems

Do you get frustrated with your Computer, tearing your hair out trying to solve a glitch? See here answers to common Computer problems or easier ways to do things.

PC Buying Tips     It's easy to make a mistake when buying a new computer. Many people end up spending a ton of money on something expensive that they'll never use to its full potential, while others buy something so small that they have to do expensive upgrading in a matter of months.

Buying a Laptop     The best laptop for you will depend entirely upon what you intend to use it for. There can be considerable variations in size and weight.

Tips For Buying a Netbook    While these types of little computers have got less features and much less processing strength as compared to more traditional laptop computers, they're ideal for surfing around the internet, doing word processing, as well as carrying out various other basic programs.

Tips for choosing a Tablet       As usual when choosing any device the first thing to bear in mind is what your intended use will be. Tablets have been designed for web browsing, watching movies, reading E books and other entertainment-based applications.

Top Tips for using Windows 7    Top tips including Finding and Using System Restore in Windows 7 and Checking Drivers are up to Date and Installing New Ones in Windows 7.

Top Tips for Using Windows Vista      including Using the Sidebar and Gadgets in Windows Vista and Using  your pictures as Desktop and Screensaver in Vista.

Top Tips for using Windows XP       including Controlling  the Installation of your Programs and Controlling Which Programs Launch at Startup.

Solve your Networking woes including
Easily Set up a Network in Windows 7

Wireless Networks in Windows Vista

Make your Wireless Network Secure

Troubleshooting a Wireless Network

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