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Chamberlain Wireless Alert

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Chamberlain Wireless Alert System

General Description

Detects human or vehicle motion.

Sensor can be up to 1200ft from base

Includes Sun Rain shelter

Works in wide temperature range

Manufacturers description
# International Electronics state-of-the-art wireless alert security system
# Detects and reports human or vehicle motion
# Only products with an effective transmission range from the sensor to the base for up to 1200 feet
# Register a move up to 30 meters away
# Works in temperatures from -40 º C (40 º F) to 100 º C (212 * F)
# Resistant UV damage from sun
# Special learning feature allows up to 4 sensor units to report to a single base station with unique sounds per sensor unit
# Waterproof, includes a rain / sun shield
# Conformal coated circuit
# Includes 10-amp outputs so it can be linked directly to a monitored system, a horn, lights, dents, bells, or any alarm device
# Protects driveways, businesses, large fronts, entryways, boats, RV’s and outbuildings
# Battery backup receiver protects even during power
# Easy to install, no wiring required
# Sensor is waterproof and uses 4 AA batteries lasting up to 2 years
# Black Package Contents:
# 1 Base Station Receiver
# 1 Sensor Unit
# Power Adapter
# 1 Gimbal bracket
# Non-slip feet and hardware

Customer reviews

There are 250 reviews. Average of 3.5 star. Mixed reviews. Some reported no problems and it worked very well. Others reported problems with range and moisture. May be necessary to add additional rain protection if you live in a wet area.

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Chamberlain Wireless Alert Reviews


1 site with 158 reviews. Average was 3.6 stars. Mixed reviews. A lot commented that it didn't have the advertised range. More like under 400ft. Some were very happy with it especially those who were warned of intruders.

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Chamberlain RWA-300R Wireless Alert System 

 Wireless Driveway Alarms

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